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Why Do You Need a Website!

IMPORTANT READ: Why do you need an effective website and web presence?

Gone are the days when having a website was just another one of those things for show, more than 3.2 billion people worldwide(44% of world) use the internet every day! And it’s been recorded that 90% of those people have purchased or acquired services through the internet.

In 2014 the internet contributed to over $2.2 TRILLION in annual retail sales, which at the time accounted for more than 10% of the retail market worldwide. With many bodies projecting continual annual growth; If you are focusing all of your money and advertising locally, regionally or even nationally then reading this might change your mind!

At Easy Creative Solutions we build clean accessible websites that gives you a vibrant web presence. We do this by highly optimizing your website for search engines, this is a process we’ve posted about before called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We then submit and index your site to the most popular search engines including google, bing, yahoo, AOL etc. With the services we offer we do not only maximize your web presence, but we help build your brand, reputation and increase your percentage of profitability.

We have a dedicated team of individuals that are skilled in many web and net disciplines, and we thrive on challenges, solving problems, consistently learning and producing the best results for you.

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