Web Hosting

When you choose Easy Creative Solutions for your website, you are choosing to have your website hosted on a secure, high performance server with hosting costs at very affordable rates backed up with industry leading up times and proven reliability.

We offer you fast, secure and reliable web hosting, giving all the performance and power your website needs.
And on our highest package, we provide you with the option of hosting your site on the cloud, meaning your website data files will be stored on servers worldwide, and based on the location of the user accessing your website; they will receive the files from their closest located server, meaning incredibly fast loading times!

After registering your domain name you can have your email accounts created from your website domain (info@yourdomain.co.uk for example) and this helps you take the first step to branding yourself and asserting your online presence. When the time comes to start developing your web presence, you can choose from a wide range of great website design packages and get online in style.

It’s important not to hesitate when registering your domain name and finding a great host for you or your company.

So instead of choosing a low spec hosting package from a budget hosting company, why not reap the benefits of a high performance server from Easy Creative Solutions including web space, huge bandwidth & custom email.