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Domain and Hosting

Domain name and web hosting, what’s the difference?
When setting up your first website it’s not uncommon to get confused between domain name registration and web hosting.

Your domain name is the name of your site or your url (www.mynewcompany.com) – That’s all there really is to that!
Once you sign up with our services we will do all the hard work by registering you to the correct bodies and ensuring the domain is yours!

In order for your website to appear on the Internet, the files need to be uploaded to a server. We provide great hosting services as our customers can testify, the price of hosting (per month/quaterly/bi-anum/anum) depends on the type of server you need, the amount of space and bandwidth.

Domain names can be purchased anywhere, but it’s convenient to buy the domain and set up hosting in the same location.
Once you’ve purchased a domain name, you will be provided with login details to access your account. It’s important to keep this info on hand.
If you’ve purchased a domain name at one company and decide to host it somewhere else for example (here!), then you’ll need to login to your domain registrar and modify the DNS. This DNS change just tells your domain registrar that the url you are using is now being hosted by someone else.

Before modifying the dns, be mindful of your email addresses. If you’ve set up email addresses with your domain registrar, you will need to set these up again with your hosting provider. Before making any changes, it’s best to contact your web developer or IT department and make sure that any changes won’t incur email loss.

This whole domain name registration and hosting may seem daunting but it’s very simple once you’ve done it once or twice. If you’re setting up a brand new site, choosing us to register both the domain name and host for you will make everything a lot simpler. If you’ve already purchased the domain name somewhere else, just make sure that you keep your login details to both domain registrar and hosting provider and pass this info to our technical support team!

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